Jess is a content creator, editor, and consumer living in the suburbs of Boston.

New Days, New Doors

To say the past week has been exciting is an understatement — it's been thrilling, rejuvenating, and exactly the reason I moved to the greater Boston area.

The best piece of news is that my boyfriend and I have locked down a place! After having a few hits and more than enough misses, we found an apartment that's well in our price range, has a little outdoor patio area, and even includes a parking spot in the rent. I don't know about you other Bostonians, but for us newcomers, that was simply unheard of.

We've also decided to photo journey our entire apartment process, because it's our first real apartment, and our first one together.

Look at us, bein' cute and grown-up.

Look at us, bein' cute and grown-up.

In a development that I did not expect, since we found our new place, I've googled "DIY" more than I ever thought I possibly could. As recent grads, we're trying to keep a close eye on our small finances and strict budgets, and our July 1 move-in date leaves us a lot of room until our loans are disbursed for the school year.

So, we're trying to DIY for everything: Coffee tables, kitchen nook, bed headboard, desks, etc. You name it, we're making it or refurbishing it from a hand-me-down.

I've never found sites like Apartment Therapy, Lauren Conrad, or Brit + Co to be so helpful. I used to visit these sorts of websites for some cute fashion tips, or maybe what new mascara to buy. Now, they're my lifelines for all things home decor and DIY creativity. We recently came upon some wood pallets (our soon-to-be dining room table and benches!) and stumbled across some extremely cheap blank canvases at a local consignment shop. Let the messy crafting begin!

In addition to the new apartment, my boyfriend recently received a wonderful position at his university, I've signed up for my fall graduate classes and have some good prospects for a summer job, and everything just seems to be falling into place. It's one of those clear moments when the world seems revealed to you, even if very fleetingly, and the reassurance is incredible.

I wrote in my first blog post about how life was just beginning to open up, and I now have the unique opportunity of choosing the paths that I'd like to take. All of these new happenings and lucky chances make me think that there's truth to this wonderment — that somewhere out there, beyond the fuss and the fray, there's a grander scheme to life that is optimistic and intentional, an organized interconnection of purposeful moments. You just need to unclench your fists from the fabric of the future, and let life lead you where it has always known that it would.

Yet, even amid the apartment, employment, and enrollment, what is perhaps the best piece of news? I'm driving to my summer getaway tomorrow — the New Jersey shore. All I'm packing are some swimsuits, a pair of sunglasses, and The Lover's Dictionary. Life is beautiful right now, even in all its imperfections, and I'll take this feeling of bright positivity and calm realization with me, and let it revel in the frothy crests of waves.