Hey, Hi, and Hello!

My name is Jessica Myers. I recently earned my master's degree in English at Northeastern University; now, you can find me at athenahealth, where I'm a senior content analyst on the public relations team. Before I stumbled into Boston, I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor of Arts with honors in English, as well as minors in Latin and Art History. Boston is an exciting city — a big change from the rusted roofs and expansive fields of central Pennsylvania. It is bustling and compelling, but it also houses its quiet nooks and cozy streets. I am elated to be a part of it.

Forever a lover of reading, writing, and all things literature, my college career has inspired in me a passion for composition and creation. In more than six years of academic and professional experience, I have explored several areas of editorial work: two scholarly journals, custom textbook publishing, online journalism, one-on-one academic tutoring, researching and encoding in the digital humanities, and in-house public relations at a large healthcare technology company. I have ghostwritten for C-suite executives, copyedited book reviews and press releases, tutored more than 150 students, and published articles for more than 80,000 people to read.

In addition to my passion for writing and reading, I love all forms of entertainment and exploration. I'm a sucker for Netflix — aren't we all? — and I enjoy Spotify, Sudoku, and yoga. Morning tea is a must. Christmas is, hands down, the best holiday. And there is absolutely nothing that could beat a summertime rain.

As I enter the post-graduate chapter of my life, I am excited to see what areas of work I will explore — or perhaps I'll one day find a particular niche and call it my own.

I love the interplay of words and tone; I am intrigued by the meeting of print and digital readership and consumerism. Regardless of where the future leads me, I know that I will approach it all with optimism and enthusiasm.

Please feel free to visit my contact page if you have any questions, comments, or would simply like to get in touch with me.

Thank you for visiting!